Your Inner Q


For years, researchers have been examining characteristics that could potentially predict success.  In the past, it was thought that intelligence and talent were the most important attributes to cultivate for a successful future.  

Now, research from Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychologist at University of Pennsylvania, is showing that “grit” - the perseverance and passion for a long-term goal - might be a better predictor of success.  

Take Action:

Follow the link below to take the 12 question “grit” survey.  At the conclusion, you’ll receive a score and a rating in comparison to the rest of the population. If your score is low, brainstorm some ideas about what you can do to improve your perseverance and “grit."

Grit survey

If you want to learn more after taking the test, listen to Dr. Duckworth’s Ted Talk, “The Key to Success?  Grit.”