Passions and Purpose

Vision Board

People create powerful images of their futures that can help them shape their reality. Even while you are performing another task or sleeping at night, your subconscious mind is hard at work. What the mind can perceive and imagine, the mind can work tirelessly to achieve. A vision board will keep your highest aspirations right in front of you to help you discipline your mind and emotions to work towards what you want. Your vision board can become an visual representation of your dreams, goals, relationships, and ideal life.

Take Action:

To create your vision board, book, or screensaver:

Find inspiring pictures, quotes, words or phrases in magazines, photos, or online that represent opportunities you want and the lifestyle you aspire to have. Place the ones that resonate with you the deepest on your board. You can complete your vision board all at once, or add to it slowly over time. Be creative, and enjoy the process. Use poster board, a scrapbook, a notebook or make your own screensaver for your vision board.

Feel free to focus on one area of your life or all aspects of your life. The more you gather, the more space or pages you’ll need to keep it from being too visually cluttered (visual clutter can create mental clutter). You want your vision to be clear to aid your brain in focusing on creating your ideal life.

How to use your vision board:

Keep your vision board, book, or screensaver in a place where you will see it on a regular basis.  This could be by your desk, on your refrigerator, or anywhere in your line of site.  Take time to really look at each of the pictures and read the inspirational words you’ve chosen.  Morning and evening are great times to look at your vision board so it can either give framework to your day or provide your subconscious mind something to work on while you sleep.  This regular review will help you to fully internalize and begin to operationalize your goals.  As your goals begin to materialize, be sure to update your board with new aspirations to keep you moving forward.

Click here for an example of a vision board.