Passions and Purpose

Purpose Profile

It is important to visualize the kind of future you want and consider what you want to experience and accomplish in your life.  What impact do you want to have on those around you? Figuring out and articulating what you desire in a future and the impact you want to have on the world, will allow you to assess whether or not particular careers or jobs would help you build that future. 

Take Action:

Step 1:  To do the guided visualization activity, get in a comfortable and quiet place where you can close your eyes and relax.  The activity can take around 5 minutes for the listening component and 15 additional minutes to explore the ideas that come to you.

Click here to listen to the audio recording that will guide you through the exercise.

Step 2: After listening to the audio, capture your thoughts on what you “saw” using the statements below:

I am…

I have...

I enjoy…

I will…

Step 3:  Look at what you jotted down and identify the significant aspects of your visualization.

  1. What has been important to you?
  2. Who is on this journey with you?
  3. What you are doing that fuels your passion?
  4. What are you working toward/have accomplished that gives you a sense of purpose?
  5. Where you are headed next?

Look at your responses to the above questions.  How do you see your values, passions and purpose showing up in your visualization?

Step 4: Write a purpose statement here.  Make sure it answers the question – what am I here to do?  What impact will I have?


Download this activity as a worksheet